Visitors (since June 9, 2010)


Thanks to colleagues, volunteers, and users who spent time and effort using and testing early versions of PASSaGE; your feedback has influenced and improved all aspects of the software. The second version of PASSaGE never would have been created if not for all of the positive feedback I received from so many of you.

NCEAS The first version itself would likely never have gone public without encouragement and comments from many participants of the “Integrating the Statistical Modeling of Spatial Data in Ecology” working group at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis.

Final thanks must go to Robert Sokal for helping to generate my interest in spatial analysis in the first place. This program would never have come to exist if not for his enthusiastic teaching and research on spatial issues in biology.

The PASSaGE software project has been supported by a research grant from NSF.